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Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z Announce Tour


Three years ago, Justin Timberlake was donning a leotard and heels for Mrs. Carter-Knowles. In January, he traded it in for his

When Did Black Folks Stop Sangin’?


Although we’re a week removed from last Sunday’s Grammys, that voice still haunts me. I am driven to my favorite bourbon just to keep the cringe-worthy noise from totally enveloping my soul. At night, I break out into cold sweats. The

Pepsi and the Urban Market: They Get It


There‘s always been reason to pause when large, commercial, Fortune 500-type corporations make a decision to incorporate black art and black artists to help move units of their product or authenticate their brand to an untapped, un-targeted

Celebrity Roundtable: American Idol


Can you remember the last time you’ve watched American Idol regularly after Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino won? Well, after watching Jennifer Lopez the first few episodes in w

Great Moments In Colored Cinema: “Lean On Me”


If Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of Principal Clark was stellar enough to make him a Hollywood A-Lister for the remainder of his brilliant career, imagine how young impressionable viewers such as myself felt watching his performance? I was abo

TSL’s Celebrity Roundtable: Thanksgiving Edition


As everyone gathers around to bask in the American pastimes of gluttony and gratitude, some of your favorite stars want to share what they are most thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. The sentiments may not appear genuine, but the shade is

Celebrity Roundtable: Drake Wants To Go To Howard (Wait, What?)



The “Black Quarterback” Is Dead


Last month, Cam Newton was one of two GQ cover boys – the other was Tim Tebow. The Tebow piece, like so many written about him, was partly an assessment of Tebow’s cultural standing. The title referred to him as a

Politics As Usual


Any day now, this democratic nation of ours, this republic of checks and balances, will flex our most valuable asset. The right to vote. Some of us will shrug our shoulders and others will relent to the pull of party affiliation and behave accord