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While You Were Working: 12.10.12


After a major reworking of the roster and a coaching change, the Lakers are predictably not at their best. Now, people are taking notice, including

TSL 5-on-5: Sleeping on the NBA


Q1: The Lakers can’t buy wins. They’re like a rudderless ship. Forget Mike D’Antoni, isn’t that what Kobe is for? Kobe got at Pau Gasol and told him to put on his “big boy pants,” but what about #24? L.

While You Were Working: 11.30.12


A ridiculous column from David Whitley of AOL Sporting News had people buzzing on Twitter. Whitley compares 49ers Q

Why Is Derek Fisher Still Hoopin’?


The word you're looking for is desperation. That's the only logical explanation for the Dallas Mavericks’ recent signing of Derek Fisher, the way-past-his-prime point guard, who, before this—outside of his duties as p

While You Were Working: 11.27.12


While you were working, a video emerged of Dwight Howard mocking Kobe Bryant. 

Traditionally, mocking the Black Mamba has not ended well. Just ask Kyrie Irving

Good Morning: 11.22.12




Kobe dropped 38 points, but the lethargic Lakers lost to the Kings. Mike D&

Tricking Around Destroyed Secret Agents


Pu**y is a whole different aspect of life Wars don' started from country to country, over they women Pu**y, is one of the most powerful thangs in the world And a lot of people don't understand

It’s Not A Black Thang, It’s a Brown Thing


Moments after the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown, I received an email from a man that is among the handful of men I respect most in this world. He is a sane man. Yet, he sent me a link to Jerry Buss' contributions to political campaigns

Baby Momma Bling


From high school sweetheart to baby momma to fiancée to NBA Champion, Savannah Brinson, LeBron James’ chick, did the damn thing.


Yeah, that’s right,