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Good Morning: 11.22.12




Kobe dropped 38 points, but the lethargic Lakers lost to the Kings. Mike D&

Tricking Around Destroyed Secret Agents


Pu**y is a whole different aspect of life Wars don' started from country to country, over they women Pu**y, is one of the most powerful thangs in the world And a lot of people don't understand

It’s Not A Black Thang, It’s a Brown Thing


Moments after the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown, I received an email from a man that is among the handful of men I respect most in this world. He is a sane man. Yet, he sent me a link to Jerry Buss' contributions to political campaigns

Baby Momma Bling


From high school sweetheart to baby momma to fiancée to NBA Champion, Savannah Brinson, LeBron James’ chick, did the damn thing.


Yeah, that’s right,

The Nickel: Week 8



(Editor's note: Thank you, NFC East, for being schizo; and thank you, Atlanta, for being such a "mehhh" undefeated squad -- no one can get a handle on this season. AP and Manning have a handle on theirs, though.

NBA Preview: Pacific Division


PACIFIC DIVISION: What the Lakers managed to put together over the offseason is so transcendent and rare that we might eventually forget how easily Pau Gasol got there five years ago in the midseason.

5-on-5: Stern’s Diversity/Cultural Legacy



(Editor's note: When Stern took over in 1984, the league was just coming off the '"too black" '70s era.  He rode the Bi

A-Rod’s Pimp Hand Is Stronger Than Yours


Alex Rodriguez is the best in the game according to Kobe Bryant. Time and time again, he keeps proving it.

Though Derek Jeter has always and will always hold the crown in New York, A-Rod has successfully been able to carve out his own sl

Good Morning: 10.12.12



Today, sports went wild for late drama with the Orioles, Nats and Titans all winning dramatically, The VP debate was aggressive, cyberstalking is no joke, new Jeezy and bonus HO

Celebrities Tell Arian Foster To Chill On His Rap Career


Not eating pork chops and waxing poetic can do a lot for a professional football player’s reputation.

Arian Foster has been called “The Most Interesting Man in the NFL” and 60 Minutes recently christened him