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It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Game Anymore



They are to basketball players like sprinkles are to ice cream sundaes. They define the players that inhibit their places, their spots on the floor. The attributes of who and how a position is filled on the basketball co

Suggestion Box: Doug Martin Wants A New Nickname


His name is Doug Martin, and if you haven’t heard of him, maybe you know him by his nickname, “Muscle Hamster.” Muscle Hamster? What is that?? Martin agreed on NFL AM.

“It has to be the worst nickna

Good Morning: 11.6.12




Drew Brees and the

The Nickel: Week 8



(Editor's note: Thank you, NFC East, for being schizo; and thank you, Atlanta, for being such a "mehhh" undefeated squad -- no one can get a handle on this season. AP and Manning have a handle on theirs, though.

MLB’s New Era: A Pitchers’ Paradise



The late ‘80s group Soul to Soul had a joint where lead singer Caron Wheeler’s powerful first line w

Your Weekend In Tweets: 10.15.12 Edition


The New York Football Giants showed us, once again, they are the class of the NFC and perhaps the NFL. Falcons are the only undefeated team in the NFL, but do we trust them to win big games? Texans have finally been exposed. And the Yankees a

TSL’s Weekend Roundtable: Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Edition


What‘cha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? Those of us who remember the days of the WWF know the answer to that question…or at least thought we did. Now the world knows how Hulk Hogan rolls when having relations, thanks to h

Be An Alum of America’s HBCU



Did you want to go to an HBCU, but never got the chance? With the help of Hillman Bookstore, you can rep Hillman College: a prestigious, but fictitious, HBCU made popular by

Real Men Wear Pink



Unless you're colorblind (no disrespect), you noticed a lot of NFL players and coaches rockin' the color pink this past weekend. It's October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the fourth consecutive year

Any Given Saturday: Week 6 Recap


In Columbia, S.C., Saturday's sign of choice read, "PARTLY CLOWNEY WITH A CHANCE OF PAIN." 

Multiple South Carolina fans held u