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Thanks, Tom Brady…For Nothing


Tom Brady is being praised.

In reality, he should be ridiculed.

Brady, the New England Patriots’ quarterback, didn’t take a huge pay cut in signing a new three-year, $27-million extension. At the end of the day, he b

While You Were Working: Jacoby Jones’ Celebrity Status Keeps Rising


Jacoby Jones had one of the biggest reputation turnarounds sports has ever seen with his MVP-worthy performance in the Super Bowl. Dude never lacked for personality; it was just his hands and his head that couldn't seem to get right when he p

The Oscars In Tweets: Anne Hathaway and Dwight Howard Should Date


Oscars were better on Twitter than they were on TV. Music by far ruled the day and made the show bearable. Jennifer Hudson was in all her glory and showed the world she still has the pipes. Argo took the award for Best Picture and Dj

NASCAR’S Hopeless Pursuit of Diversity


Picture this: 1963 at Speedway Park, a one-mile dirt track in Jacksonville, Florida where stock car racers like Coo Coo Marlin, Earl Brooks, Fireball Roberts, Ralph Earnhardt and Glen Wood all cemented their legend behind the wheel. Wendel

Jerry Buss’ Death Leaves a Vacuum in Lakers Ownership


The curtain dropped on Showtime Monday morning as Lakers owner Jerry Buss passed away at the age of 80 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Buss’ death comes just four days after it was divulged that the Lakers owner had spent the last year

Life Is Still Good


“Every year is my year,” Nas tells me. “Every year, you know? I’m just really appreciative and grateful to all the people that supported me through the years and it’s just a great moment, regardless. You know what I

Good Morning: 2.7.13


Kobe Bryant is encouraging Dwight Howard to play through pain, especially as the Lakers just lost Pau Gasol

Black History Month: The Defiant, True-Original Jack Johnson


No matter where you live in this country, you have heard the name Django, the gunslinger that actor Jamie Foxx turned into the rage of the holiday film season. Whether you liked director Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti Western or not

New Orleans Stickup: Taxpayers Took Big Hit For Superdome Renovations



Super Bowls – and stadiums in general – are supposed to bring cities large economic boosts. Evidence is 1...636465...68Page 64 of 68