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While You Were Working: 1.22.13


Tim Brown accused former Raiders coach Bill Callahan of “sabotaging” Super Bowl XXXVII by switching offensive schemes the Friday before the game.


Here's video of his explanation. He also went on 

Tim Brown: Bill Callahan Sabotaged The Super Bowl


I’m going to assume Tim Brown and Bill Callahan won’t exchange Christmas cards this year after Brown accused Callahan of

Good Morning: 1.22.13



Who's the best team in New York? We'll have to wait until the playoffs to find out, as Joe Johnson's game

CBB Weekend Recap: Butler Stays Eatin’


Brad Stevens has gotten so accustomed to walking away with buzzer-beating wins that he doesn't even flinch or un-cross his arms when it happens.

This latest i

Florida’s Looking Very Final Four’ish


Stat geeks will tell you Florida is a definitive Final Four contender. After Saturday's beatdown, Missouri's players, coaches and fans would likely say the same.

It's been about half a d

While You Were Working: 1.18.13


ESPN’s Shelley Smith interviewed a woman who claims to have heard Ronaiah Tuiasosop

Colin Kaepernick Climbed The Ladder To Success Escalator-Style


When San Francisco 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh shelved starter Alex Smith in favor of a second- year cat from the University of Nevada (Reno), he had reporters questioning his sanity and fans asking, “Who the heck is Colin Kaepernick?”<

While You Were Working: 1.17.13


The Manti Te'o train hasn't slowed down much. Reports surfaced that he would be interviewed by Jeremy Schapp today, but it appears that isn'

Ray Lewis, You Don’t Have To Go Home, But..


New England Vs. Baltimore

I’m certain Tom Brady quotes Biggie to himself when he thinks about the Super Bowl.

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