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The Nickel: Week 7


Editor’s note: It’s Monday, which means it’s rock and roll time. We rounded up the best of the best from our roster (Brandon Scott, Nubyjas Wilborn, J.R. Gamble, Vinnie Goodwill and newcomer Maurice Bobb) to talk about Sunda

The NBA Needs To Stop Creating Fake Beef


I know the NFL is king of all things in the sports world, but does the NBA have to follow in its footsteps? Does it have to become the No Fun League, part deux?

The NBA’s crackdown on pre-tipoff activities, where a league official

Change the Game: Nike’s Basketball Plus Training Program, Session1



A couple weeks back, the good folks at Nike asked if I would consider participating in an intensive, month-long, basketball training program surrounding the launch of the new

Good Morning: 10.16.12



Today, Peyton Manning stuns the Chargers, Ivan Johnson breaks a backboard, the Nets open their season in BK, Obama weighs in on Minaj vs. Carey as he preps for his debate, footb

Five Things Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning Deal Adds To The Game.


When it was officially announced last week that Dwyane Wade signed with Chinese company Li-Ling, the world took notice. Though the move was as Wade stated "the worst kept secret," Li-Ning giving him his own brand was not. With lots of c

Good Morning: 10.12.12



Today, sports went wild for late drama with the Orioles, Nats and Titans all winning dramatically, The VP debate was aggressive, cyberstalking is no joke, new Jeezy and bonus HO

Derrick Rose’s Current Legacy Depends On His Shoes


First there was

The Dime: Week 5


1. “People Askin’ Questions”: That’s TSL editor Khalid Salaam’s favorite phrase to use when he’s lobbing reckless rumors in the air and he wants to buttress his incredulity with a make-believe

The Nickel: Week 5


(Editors Note: With Boardwalk, Treme’ and the NFL, Sunday nights are plentiful with viewing options. Thankfully for us, our guys— 

NBA 2K13 Review




Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you know that Mr. Barclays Center himself, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter is executive producing popular NBA video ga