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Please Jam: We Need A Word, Jigga Man


(Editor's note: After a few weeks of special edition Please Jams, we're back to our regularly schedule program where associate editor James Carr sends EIC Vince Thomas some tracks he may or may not have missed from the past we

Please Jam: Who Won June 18th?


(Editor’s note: We interrupt Please Jam’s month-long celebration of Black Music Month to comment on the glut of new music released this past week. As usual, EIC Vince Thomas and associate editor James Carr are at the helm.

Scoop’s Game 7 Preview: Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Curtain


If anyone tells you that they know or can predict what is going to happen in Game 7, you should slap them, if they are anywhere within reach.

Because they are lying.

Lying to you and themselves. And if they’re a so-called anal

Good Morning: CP3 Isn’t Happy With The LA Clippers


Game 5 was fairly nondescript, aside from the fact that it was the most important game of the NBA playoffs thus far, with almost no one showing up for either team.

This Weekend In Tweets: 4.22.13


This weekend was great for the healing of our nation after the tragedy in Boston. After a week of updates related to the terroristic bombing, we got to breathe a little. It was great to be able to focus on sporting

You Guys Need To Put These PEDS Down


Looks like Alex Rodriguez rekindled an old vice in Miami.  According to a scathing 5400-word manifesto released Tuesday by the Miami New Times, the New York Yankees slugger, along with other active Major League Baseball players like

Election Night in Tweets: 11-6-2012


Some people were calling for a Jeezy remix of “My President is Black”, but I’d prefer LL to come out with “Obama said knock you out.” Barack Obama came out early dropping bombs and got Mitt Romney out of there by mid

Good Morning: 10.25.12




Pablo Sandoval jacked three home runs during the first game of the Wor