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Any Given Saturday: Josh Shaw’s False Start Is A Blow To USC


Before the first whistle blew, signifying the official beginning of Steve Sarkisian’s incumbency a false start has the Trojans scrambling. Maybe it’s the proximity to all those screenwriters in Hollywood, but weaving fictitious tales ab

LSU’s QB Race: Meet The Tortoise And The Brandon Harris


Battles for the starting quarterback position are regularly the most scrutinized preseason storyline in the college football spotlight. It’s also laced with hyperbolic language that requires coaches from time to time to temper expectatio

The Big 12 Brought A BB Gun To A Spaghetti Western Shootout


The Big 12 used to be a gridiron spaghetti western that sparked shootouts and produced national title contenders in bulk. In this new post-realignment, post-BCS world, the Big 12 is a conference of water gun-squirting, fugazi pretenders.<

Road From The BCS: College Football Hits The Reset Button


We've been stuck here longer than apocalyptic traffic on the

Mike Tomlin Can’t Cha-Cha Slide Away From Severe NFL Punishment


On Thanksgiving Day, I surveyed a group of people gathered around on this question: 'Who is the most interesting team in the NFL this season?" I heard Cowboys from one corner (too annually self-aggrandizing. And they try too hard.), Bronco

Any Given Saturday: What’s Worse, Grambling Facilities Or Oregon QBs in the NFL?


If it hadn’t been for the team that didn’t play, the biggest piece of news out of the HBCU football ranks would have been Bethune-Cookman’s No. 4 ranking in a college football poll behind Alabama, Florida State and Missouri. Thank

Any Given Saturday, Week 7: Love Or Money? That’s A Clowney Question, Bro


Week 6 left a nasty taste in the mouths of some as highfalutin coaches began questioning more injury claims than health insurance providers.  At least

The Nickel: Super Bowl Reactions


QUESTION 1: Did Jesus bless the Ravens and Preacher Ray with this win or did they win it on the football field?

MICHAEL TILLERY: The Ravens took away Gore (yes, despite his 110 yards on 19 carries), and