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Election Night in Tweets: 11-6-2012


Some people were calling for a Jeezy remix of “My President is Black”, but I’d prefer LL to come out with “Obama said knock you out.” Barack Obama came out early dropping bombs and got Mitt Romney out of there by mid

Is Derrick Rose The Most Valuable Person In Sports?


How is it that the number of homicides in a U.S. city can outpace that of native troops slain in Afghanistan, yet concern and discourse spotlighting the epidemic still largely fly under the national radar – at least in terms of sustained re

You Must Learn


The problem I have with this piece is that it feels dated and misguided. Crazy dated at that. I don’t care if

Politics As Usual


Any day now, this democratic nation of ours, this republic of checks and balances, will flex our most valuable asset. The right to vote. Some of us will shrug our shoulders and others will relent to the pull of party affiliation and behave accord

Clash of the Titans


Let’s rewind. Last week, with both Conference Finals tied at two games a piece and the still very real possibility of a Boston vs. San Antonio Finals, I wrote this:

“At some point, LeBron or KD

“Play Or Get Played”


Let’s start with the accent. It’s easy – too easy – to get seduced by it.

Idris Elba isn’t the first actor to cross the pond and tease our ears with an old English twist, but let’s be real: it sounds d