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Checkin’ in with CyHi the Prynce


CyHi is a 28-year-old rapper from Atlanta, GA, who looks ready for big things. After a surprise verse on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, declaring he would be on God’s iPod, and working on Cruel Summer, Th

Billy Hamilton Is Keepin’ It 100


Billy Hamilton is a name synonymous with trendsetting base – stealers in baseball.  The stolen base has always been an exciting and crowd –pleasing pl

Get On My Level


Imagine if, when Kanye had all those stars and legends flying in and out Hawaii to help him record My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Def Jam sent some low-rent techies from Honolulu Community College to Avex Recording Studio to engineer

Death Of The Love Song


Right off top, here’s something that you need to understand: I’m an R&B dude. Not an R&B thug, not an R&B gangster, not even an R&B soldier. No qualifiers needed here, no faux-machismo terms required so I can try to ma

The Nike Air Force One Is Now Thirty Years Old


In 1982 America was enmeshed in the Reagan Era, Michael Jackson was crowned king upon his release of Thriller, John Elway 

Good Morning: 9.24.12




It was a wild weekend in the NFL, with three overtime games and more fun with the replacement referees.

The Titans and Lions went all out on the ridiculousness after

Channel Orange: It’s Cool To Be You


I have been a Frank Ocean fan since “Acura Integurl” and Nostalgia/Ultra reaffirmed my love for emo boys with dark skin tones. I can’t help it; I am a sucker for wit, R&B, and frustrated love. Ocean’s presence

Dwight Detox


Over the past decade or so, some NBA offseasons get marred by negative-skewing storylines that quickly go from titillating to trite. There was overreaction to Allen Iverson, a.k.a. Jewelz, dropping “40 Barz” in 2000 and the ugly 2004

Blame KD, Not Russ


Let’s start out with this: they don’t make ‘em like Russell Westbrook, anymore. There’s a subversive quality to his play on the floor. He can look frightening, in a very real and ill way. There are a lot of young 20-someth

Hunger Games


Growing up I wanted a pair the Air Jordan VII’s because I watched MJ cook the Orlando Magic for 64 points. I wanted a pair of the Reebok Answers because I watched countless defenders fall victim to Allen Iverson crossovers. Before the Celti