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Ray Lewis, You Don’t Have To Go Home, But..


New England Vs. Baltimore

I’m certain Tom Brady quotes Biggie to himself when he thinks about the Super Bowl.

Your Weekend In Tweets: 1.14.13


The Atlanta Falcons came out and shut up their critics for a week with a playoff win. Ray Lewis and the Ravens live to fight another day. Argo was a big winner on the Golden Globe scene and Jodie Foster nearly destroyed Twitter with her speech. I

Post Traumatic Sports Disorder: Pharoahe Monch on the NFL Playoffs


(Editor's note: We all know Pharoahe Monch is one of the greatest lyricists to

Don’t Talk About It, Be About It


Seattle vs. Atlanta:

RG3 wasn’t the only one to suffer a serious knee injury in last week's tilt between Washington and Seattle.

The Texans Need To ‘Run Faster’


A classic moment in American cinema was th

The Nickel: Week 17


Q1: OK, let’s hand ‘em out. Who are you taking for ROY and MVP?

JAMAR: Can we give out a three-way award for ROY? That’s how I feel after watching RG3, Russell Wilson and Andrew L

Pats Put Rings Over Rhyme and Reason


Since Tom Brady and the Tuck Rule changed football history, the Patriots have been the flagsh

Too Much Parity Will Kill The NFL


NFL-parity is like the woman you meet in passing. You walk by her in the street sometimes. She looks like the type you’ve been waiting for. Everytime you see her – hair done, nails done, everything done. She’s fancy.


The Nickel: Week 6


QUESTION No. 1: Dez Bryant dropped a potentially game-tying two point conversion. Is he the most unreliable elite receiver in the NFL?

VINNIE: The “Elite” category has no mor

Only Suckers Complain About Replacement Refs


Admittedly, the replacement referees have been subpar. You could even say incompetent or shaky. Go ahead; say they suck, do it. Yeah, they’re calling ticky-tack stuff and missing obvious no-brainers. There were 24 accepted penalties in last