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PLH : Inside The Awesome Holiday That Is Takanakuy Day

The annual Peruvian holiday includes fist fights, beer, and holiday cheer.  2018 was a whirlwind year for combat sports. Boxing reestablished itself as a premier sport...

PRITTY Left Hook: MMA Fighter Carrington “Jetsetter” Banks

Now watch me fly with the Jetsetter. Welcome to the PRITTY Left Hook podcast where we get real about combat sports! I promise you that I...

PRITTY Left Hook: Boss Hog The Crip

Bellator MMA Fighter Lorenz Larkin lets his alter ego loose on PLH. Welcome to the PRITTY Left Hook podcast where we get real about combat...

Floyd Mayweather & Oscar De La Hoya Wage IG War

The boxing greats have been embroiled in a war of pettiness on their very public Instagram galleries, and the smoke is very real. Instagram is...

PRITTY Left Hook: Conor McGregor & Mike Tyson’s Peace Pipe

McGregor continues to be the wildest fighter on the planet. Conor Mcgregor likes to remind us all that he is the baddest man on the...

Demetrious Johnson Deads Dana White’s UFC, Bounces To ONE FC

At its heart, the UFC does not know how to market African-American athletes without controversy attached. Mighty Mouse's departure proves that. This Saturday, a historic...

McGregor’s Cowboys Visit Proves Privilege Gon’ Recognize Privilege

MMA's #1 Bad Boy continues to live his best life after his post-UFC 229 choke-out. We wish we could say the same for Khabib. This...

Irish Media Abandons Conor McGregor

"The Notorious" now means "The Pretender" in Gaelic. As the fallout from UFC 229's globally implicating debacle unfolds a new revelation has hit the world's...

Dana White’s Love For Conor McGregor Might Be His Undoing

MMA woke up and realized it is Conor's world, and they don't like it. For far too long, MMA has marched to the beat of...

PRITTY Left Hook: MMA Took An ‘L’ This Weekend


This weekend the sport of mixed martial arts took a big fat 'L'.

A revered set of martial artists with a master's grasp of contrasting disciplines were all brought together to prove who was the best athlete. What could of been one of MMA's sh