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With Juwan Howard’s Return, The Fab Five Can Finally Heal

Howard’s hiring will bring the soul back to Michigan basketball. Michigan Basketball finally feels like Michigan Basketball again. And while we’re still six months away from...

The Lakers Are Overestimating The Strength Of Their Brand

The internal, now external disrespect towards LeBron James and Ty Lue must be addressed. The timeline of the Los Angeles Lakers drama is growing every...

Gregg Popovich: LaVar Ball’s “Just Another Fan In The Peanut Gallery”


Gregg Popovich has been vocal about his feelings on all of the hot-button topics of the past year, fro

Joel Embiid Is Headed Towards Greatness


The NBA world went bonkers when the Philadelphia 76ers gave injury-riddled center Joel Embiid a five-year, $148 million extension in early October. Most thought it was risky and head scratching move by a Sixers franchise that has been irrelevant si

Kevin Durant Is Coming For The Crown As The World’s Best Baller


The Cleveland Cavaliers are in more deep doo-doo than the zookeeper responsible for elephant enemas.  Yes, before you fix your face to speak to me as if addressing second grader, I am aware the LeBron James has been down 0-2 in the NBA Finals

This Day In Sports: Dr. J Dunks His Way To 30,000 Points


On this day in 1987, Dr. J became just the third NBA player to score 30,000 career points.

Now that the novelty of cradle dunks, ferocious baseline jams and angelic, swooping stuff slams has worn off, and NBA fans shift their interests to th

NBA Champ Stephen Jackson Smoked Blunts Before Games


Put the vocal Stephen Jackson and Michael The Mouth Rapaport together and you never know what lightning-rod events will emerge.

Former NBA star Jackson, who last played for the LA Clippers in 2014, said he thought replacing painkillers with m

2016-17 NBA Preview: The Warriors Rule The Pacific, Can You Dig It? 


As we approach the opening tip of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, The Shadow League looks at every one of the leagues six divisions and the players who will make this year an unforgettable one. Today, we examine what's soon to be popping in the div

10 Things We Learned This NBA Season


For the NBA fan 25-years-old and over, 2016 is a weird year. Michael Jordan is a meme, Kobe Bryant is done wearing Purple & Gold and cats is out here dry snitching on teammates with video tapes (and not catching no types of fades).