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Good Morning: Mike McCoy & The Chargers Pull A Fast One On The Denver Broncos


The San Diego Chargers pulled a fast one on the AFC-leading Denver Broncos, winning 27-20 with two huge touchdown catches from Keenan Allen in the second quarter. Th

Portland Trail Blazers Are A Forest Fire Out West


The Portland Trail Blazers are a walking contradiction in the Northwest. As one of the NBA's numerous small market clubs, they’ve succinctly been one of the best managed franchises of the past 30 years as far as bang for the buck goes. If

Good Morning: Seriously, Alabama Fans Need To Chill The Hell Out


An Alabama fan was charged with murdering another Alabama fan who was, apparently, not sad enough about the loss. 


First and Twenty: The First Showdown of Starting Black QB’s


The NFL opened the 2013 season with nine African American quarterbacks of the 32 starters, the most in NFL history.  And although the number has since dropped a couple of spots due to injuries and various other reasons, the topic of the b

Brown Men Throwin’: Cam Newton Is Still The Man of Steelo


After winning a JUCO national title, a pair of BCS nationals title as a Florida backup, then as the Tigers starter, a Heisman Trophy before becoming the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Cam Newton’s had blueprints of NFL superstardom

Cover 3, Week 7: Is Matt Schaub Down For The Count In Houston?


1. We thought the Texans would be legit Super Bowl contenders. However, a cut block to Brian Cushing’s knee may end his season while Arian Foster’s hamstring is throwing temper tantrums again. Case Keenum showed some promise aga

Nobody Tells RG3 How To Play His Game


The worst possibilities have manifested in reality for Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III. It’s a reality that seems galaxies away from last season when he was Jesus with a wing, w

Any Given Saturday, Week 7: Love Or Money? That’s A Clowney Question, Bro


Week 6 left a nasty taste in the mouths of some as highfalutin coaches began questioning more injury claims than health insurance providers.  At least

Cam Newton Is Still Standing


"…and with the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton, quarterback, Auburn." 

These are the words that were announced just a few years ago, welcomi

Black Pitchers Are An Endangered Species


When rocket-launching Dontrelle Willis went 22-10 for the Marlins in 2005, it was the baseball equivalent of  a backpack rapper going diamond.  After Yankees pitcher CC Sa