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Family, Friends, Athletes and Celebs Vent On Zimmerman Verdict


It was difficult to process the "not guilty" verdict that was delievered in the George Zimmerman trial on Saturday evening. Many athletes and celebrities took to Twitter to vent, raise awareness and come together for justice.

Black In America: The Devaluing of Trayvon Martin’s Life


The bizarre “not guilty” verdict the jury of six women in Sanford, Florida blessed child-murderer George Zimmerman with, leads to more questions and uncertainty about the worth of a young, black life in America.

Was the value of

Neymar’s About To Take Over The World And UOENO


A year from now, Brazilian soccer star Neymar will be one of the most popular athletes on the planet.

Since he was 17, the forward has attracted a lot of hype, but playing in the Brazilian League prevented him from getting worldwide appeal.

Occupy Wall St. Protestors Win $1M in Damages From Oakland


As protests pop up around the world, from Egypt to Turkey to Brazil, a court in Oakland was busy reviewing the reaction to a sect of America's protest movement, Occupy Wall Street in Oakland. The city of Oakland had a particularly heavy-handed

While You Were Working: Chris Paul Agreed To Stay With The Clippers


Chris Paul can't actually sign his contract extension until July 10th, but his agent confirmed

2014 World Cup Matches Could Be Moved To U.S. Due To Security Concerns


To Brazilians soccer is more than just the beautiful game. It's a sacred denomination and the 2014 World Cup may actually mean more to the people there than the 2016 Olympics. I wouldn't be surprised if most Brazilians look at the Chri

Good Morning: Freddie Freeman Came To The Rescue For Atlanta 


Freddie Freeman's two-run homer in the ninth inning gave the Braves a walk-off win late Monday

CIA Director John Brennan Opens Up About Drones


Though the recent news cycle is heavily focused on the spying tactics and techniques the US government uses on its own people, world leaders and foreign citizens, drone strikes still remain a major issue of concern. These unmanned planes, used

Good Morning: UCLA and USC – Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Dumber


Just a week after Lane Kiffin and USC stupidly offered a middle schooler a scholarship, UCLA responded by doing the same thing with an eigh

Jury Selection Begins In Trayvon Martin Trial


Jury selection for the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case began this week as Sanford, Fla. attempts to find six objective residents to serve on a jury (Florida only requires 12 jurors in capital cases). That might prove to be tricky in