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College Basketball Preview: John Calipari Is Changing The Game


As Orlando Antigua scans his computer screen, the stark contrast in the national perception of Kentucky’s basketball program makes him shake his head.

Dynasty. Cheaters. Legends. Buying championships.


Rec Center: The Campaign


For the past few years it’s been well documented that whenever Will Ferrell stars in a movie, it’s either a direct hit or a Dwight Howard free throw kind of miss. If he’s not killing it with movies like “The Other Guys

The Nickel: Week 9


Editor’s note: It’s Monday, which means it’s go time around these parts. We rounded up the best of the best from our roster (Brandon Scott, Nubyjas Wilborn, J.C. Gamble, Maurice Bobb and editor Khalid Salaam) to talk about S

5-on-5: Stern’s Diversity/Cultural Legacy



(Editor's note: When Stern took over in 1984, the league was just coming off the '"too black" '70s era.  He rode the Bi

The Nickel: Week 7


Editor’s note: It’s Monday, which means it’s rock and roll time. We rounded up the best of the best from our roster (Brandon Scott, Nubyjas Wilborn, J.R. Gamble, Vinnie Goodwill and newcomer Maurice Bobb) to talk about Sunda

From Reviled To Revered


(Editor's note: In light of Ray Lewis' storybook ending to a legendary career, we a re re-running this column from TSL editor-in-chief Vince Thomas that was written days after Lewis' injury.)<

Good Morning: 10.16.12



Today, Peyton Manning stuns the Chargers, Ivan Johnson breaks a backboard, the Nets open their season in BK, Obama weighs in on Minaj vs. Carey as he preps for his debate, footb

Any Given Saturday: Week 6 Recap


In Columbia, S.C., Saturday's sign of choice read, "PARTLY CLOWNEY WITH A CHANCE OF PAIN." 

Multiple South Carolina fans held u

Any Given Saturday: Week 4


Reality is often trumped by possibility.

Never has this been more evident in sports than with Lane Kiffin, college football's perennial harbinger of youth and future prosperity. It is Kiffin who has been handed much

The TSL College Football Preview: SEC Superiority, “Denard or Barkley?”, Pay for Play


If it doesn't yet feel like Groundhog Day, it's because you're vulnerable – we all are.

We are all victims of our own self-perpetuating belief in the possible, even if those possibilities do not exist. We don't get