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Kerry Washington, Scandal, Black Women and the Super-Mammy-Jezebel


I do not, nor did I ever, care who the mole was, at least not much. I was even a little fuzzy on why it mattered, in part because the act of watching Shonda Rhimes’ newest creation, marathon-style, does inspire the onset of a nasty case of pl

Memphis is Just Good Enough To Be Great  


Scroll through the list of NBA champions dating back to the 1946-47 season and you won’t find a squad that doesn’t have at least one Top 10 court-wrecker on it – excep

The Miami Marlins Are The Worst Team In Pro Sports, Period


The Miami Heat are the Top-Shottas of the NBA universe and bring red carpet-stability to southern Florida’s fluctuating pro sports enthusiasm.

In case you were wondering, the

Please Jam: A Hater’s Take on This Week’s New Music


Certified music hea

Rasheed Wallace Comes Back From Injury, Plays One Game, Then Retires



Madison Square Garden is the last venue in which veteran forward Rasheed Wallace will bask in the familiar chants of “Sheeeeed.”

The “Jackie Robinson Day” Elephant In The Room


As African-American’s continue to disappear from MLB rosters, Jackie Robinson Day is a bittersweet moment for black baseball fans growing up in the ‘6

Harvard Opts For Tyga Despite Protests; Trinidad James Must Have Been Unavailable


The combination of Lil' Wayne's seizures last month and the uproar over Tyga's sexist lyrics have resulted in a rough start to