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Desperate General Managers Are Setting Geno Smith Up For Failure


In the months leading up to the NFL Draft, Geno Smith’s draft stock has been bouncing up and down the first round like JaMarcus Russell's b

Kevin Ware’s Injury Might Be A Career-Ender, So Let’s Talk About Pay-For-Play


Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware's leg snapped and was wreck-city after he jumped to defend a 3-pointer in the Elite Eight game against the Duke Blue Devils.


The Nickel: Super Bowl Reactions


QUESTION 1: Did Jesus bless the Ravens and Preacher Ray with this win or did they win it on the football field?

MICHAEL TILLERY: The Ravens took away Gore (yes, despite his 110 yards on 19 carries), and

Colin Kaepernick Climbed The Ladder To Success Escalator-Style


When San Francisco 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh shelved starter Alex Smith in favor of a second- year cat from the University of Nevada (Reno), he had reporters questioning his sanity and fans asking, “Who the heck is Colin Kaepernick?”<

Report Details Difficulties for Minority Assistants


An Open Letter To Rick Ross And The Gangster Disciples, by Kevin Powell



I write this open letter with a great deal of sadness in my heart, and a great deal of concern for you, my brothers, my Black brothers.

RG3 Is A Post-Racial/Millenial Brother, Not A Cornball Brother


Thursday on First Take, there was a suggestion that some in the “real black community” might view Robert Griffin III as a “cornball brother,” because of the way he talks, the race of his fiancé and his rumored polit

Weekend in Tweets: 12.10.12


Juan Manuel Marquez landed the 2012 equivalent of “the shot heard round the world” on Manny Pacquiao. Johnny Manizel became the first freshman to win the Heisman,

While You Were Working: 12.5.12


A few NFL players in the AFC have been with Cam Newton, according to a report from CBSSports.com. Apparently, N