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Top 5 Pass Rushers: No. 3 – J.J. Watt


Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s rise to stardom wasn’t always a guaranteed one. After all, this is the same dude who struggled to get the ball as a tight end at Central Michigan. J.J. wanted to transfer to Wisconsin, and while

TSL’s MLB Midseason Science 


With half of the season in the books, MLB is in that zone where the sports world turns its attention to the Boys of Summer. The surprise teams start to get noticed, new captivating players emerge and crush social media, and the World Series stretch

Please Jam: We Need A Word, Jigga Man


(Editor's note: After a few weeks of special edition Please Jams, we're back to our regularly schedule program where associate editor James Carr sends EIC Vince Thomas some tracks he may or may not have missed from the past we

Don’t Try To Play Us, Robert Kraft. Aaron Hernandez Didn’t “Dupe” You


Robert Kraft, please.

Your words sound good. They are just hard to believe.

Kraft, the Patriots’ owner, proclaimed the other day that if everything he has learned about his former tight end Aaron Hernandez is true, he was dupe

While You Were Working: The Aaron Hernandez Situation Got Even More Serious


It's past a day late to point out how bad Aaron Hernandez's legal situation is after being charged w

Gregg Popovich Is The NBA’s Keyser Söze


Even after San Antonio’s Game 7 loss, putting Gregg Popovich’s place in history, in perspective, is as difficult as identifying Keyser Söze. Only four coaches have more titles than

Was Game Six A Legacy Game For LeBron?


So was that a legacy game for LeBron James or not?

Since 2010, no less than six postseason games­ – the first being Game 6 of the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals – have been preceded by discussions of what those games wou

Please JAM: MJ vs. Prince, Rick James, ’80s Hip-Hop And R&B


(Editor’s note: In honor of Black Music Month, we devoted last week’s “Please JAM” to black

Tim Tebow’s Cronies Found Him A Safe Haven In New England


In an ironic twist, you might be able to credit Tim Tebow’s signing by the New England Patriots to Bill Belichick’s disdain for the media. Maybe, it was just a matter of oppositional defiance, but there were no audible whispers abo

Reel Talk: Fast and the Furious 6 Was Worth The 12-Year Wait


Until I saw Fast & Furious 6 on Saturday after it premiered two weeks ago, I had lost perspective on how long the overachieving Fast and the Furious franch