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Machine Gun Funk: The Greek Freak Is Basketball’s Present And Future 


You can't really define funky, you just know it when you see it.

I'm not talking about the musty odoriferousness of the hipster sitting next to you on the subway right now who smells like he's been wrasslin' with an alligator. I'm pontificati

2016-17 NBA Preview: Boston Is Ready To Rule The Atlantic Division


As we approach the opening tip of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, The Shadow League looks at every one of the leagues six divisions and the players who will make this year an unforgettable one. Today, we examine what's soon to be popping in the div

The Weakest Move Ever Is Having A Tantrum About Kevin Durant


Let's cut right to the chase. My grandmother once told me that to judge another man before walking a mile in his shoes is a mistake, and that to continue to do so is the ultimate sign of weakness. 

So excuse me for being somewhat perplex

The New NBA 40/40 Club, Courtesy of Michael Corleone


On Sunday night, the powers that be finally recognized that flipping the script of history can be richly rewarding at the box office and worthy of multiple awards.  The Broadway musical Hamilton conceived and created by Lin-Manuel Miranda c

10 Things We Learned This NBA Season


For the NBA fan 25-years-old and over, 2016 is a weird year. Michael Jordan is a meme, Kobe Bryant is done wearing Purple & Gold and cats is out here dry snitching on teammates with video tapes (and not catching no types of fades).


The Five Most Disappointing Teams in the NBA


At the beginning of the season, it was widely predicted that these teams were going to be considerably better because of lineup changes, draft picks or coaching changes. However, as we come down to the homestretch of the NBA regular season, we s

Is This Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s Last Rodeo?


Winning a championship in the NBA is all about timing. 

Remember that lockout-shortened 2011-12 season? Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook won 47 games and shot down Dallas, the Lakers and San Antonio in the playoffs before losing to Mia

Time To Kill The Fan’s NBA All-Star Vote


Like most basketball fans, I'm looking forward to seeing Kobe Bryant in his final NBA All-Star game out in Toronto on Valentine's Day. But he did not receive a single vote on my ballot this year because to vote him in as a starter would be dumber t

The Dopest Hoops Kicks of 2015


As we take our first steps of the new year, it's time to reflect back on the dopest hoops kicks of 2015.

#5.  Nike Kobe X

Kobe singlehandedly brought the functional low-top back into

The NBA Heats Up On Christmas Day


How much NBA basketball could one person watch in one day? Most can handle a good doubleheader, but asking for anything more than that is a little over the top. Unless, like me, you love the game 1...454647...52Page 46 of 52