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Air Force 1 Forever, Part 1 (The Genesis)


In the book SHOES (Workman Publishing), Linda O’Keeffe writes, “Shoes not only reflect social history, they are a personal record of our

Y’all Gon’ Learn Today: Stand Your Ground Is Based Upon A Lie


George Zimmerman's attorney, Don West, said it was “despicable” that the state attempted to prosecute his client given

Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama, Travyon Martin — Something’s Not Right.


Let's get this right.

Michael Vick gets two years in jail for killing dogs. Plaxico Burress gets two years in prison for accidentally shooting himself in the leg. And, somehow, Chad Johnson was sentenced to 30 days behind bars for patti

RGIII And Celebrity Overkill


Former Eagles signal caller Donovan McNabb often gets a bad rap. He

Jason Collins And The Plague Of Identity Politics


We shouldn't care nor is it our business who Jason Collins has sex with.

Jason Collins coming out as gay is on the cover of Sports Illustrated as big news. I know this because all the talking heads in the media tell us that. They als

Carson Palmer Is The NFL’s Lindsay Lohan


Carson Palmer is the Lindsay Lohan of NFL QBs. No matter how much he sucks or shows that he’s a selfish player, there’s something about that blond hair and 6´5 frame that keeps NFL owners throwing money his way.

Same de

TSL Q&A: Russell Simmons


When Russell Simmons talks, people tend to listen. And these days the 55-year-old hip-hop impresario has much to say to those who might be his most ardent audience members.

Russell Westbrook Is A Savage In This Fashion Game


Well, it’s official ladies and gentlemen: Russell Westbrook has arrived. First came the college basketball fans, then NBA bloggers and writers, and now the fashion industry. Westbrook has done what so few athletes do in the high fashion are

Why The NFL Conjures Slavery| What Colin Kaepernick Said Isn’t New Or Inaccurate


The debate over the comparison between the NFL and chattel slavery has been chewed up, swallowed, regurgitated, spit out and reconstituted as a midnight snack many times over the past few decades. The controversy dates back to the 1975 ending of

Kyrie Irving And The Death Of The Ghetto Superstar


While Black America debates whether or not we are “post” anything—black/bougie/modern/racial—what’s not up for discussion is whether or not we are post-ghetto. That answer is a resounding “HELL NO.” That