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VIDEO: Chad Johnson Explains The Butt Pat On GMA


Congrats Mark Sanchez, you're off the hook. Chad Johnson's butt pat heard 'round the world moved your butt fumble against the Pats down a notch in NFL ignominy. On Tuesday's Good Morning America, Johnson and his lawyer went into det

Vladimir Putin Lifted Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring


Robert Kraft may be the most impactful NFL team owner of the 21st century. Not only did Kraft build the Warren Buffett of

Belichick’s First Tebow Press Conference Proves Why He’s The Anti-Rex Ryan


The first hours after Tim Tebow's signing illustrate the difference between Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan's relationship with the media. Rex Ryan can't get enough of the microphones and has a foot fetish that involves putting his own

Good Morning: Does Anyone Know Why Memphis Dumped Lionel Hollins?


Despite taking the Memphis Grizzlies to the Western Conference Finals and making a solid player out of Zach Randolph, Lionel H

Carson Palmer Is The NFL’s Lindsay Lohan


Carson Palmer is the Lindsay Lohan of NFL QBs. No matter how much he sucks or shows that he’s a selfish player, there’s something about that blond hair and 6´5 frame that keeps NFL owners throwing money his way.

Same de

Terrell Suggs Splashing Haterade In Tom Brady’s Direction


Every billion-dollar pro sports league has its “chosen ones.” The NBA had MJ.The NHL had Gretzky. Both leagues were

From Dynastic to The Dungeon: Life With the Buffalo Bills


About 22 years ago, my Pops, my two older cousins and I kneeled on our basement floor, holding hands. It was a frigid evening on the east side of Buffalo, NY and we were waiting for Scott Norwood to kick a field goal. If it were good, I wouldn&rs

Y’all Got Moss’d


Randy Moss: 982 catches, 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns in 14 seasons. Jerry Rice: 1,549 catches, 22,895 yards and 197 touchdowns in 20 seasons. I contacted Michael Smith, the host of Numbers Never Lie, and he explained it would take Randy Moss

Brady’s Kickslide was Bush League



Tom Brady’s infamous slide is now being reviewed by the

Ray Lewis, You Don’t Have To Go Home, But..


New England Vs. Baltimore

I’m certain Tom Brady quotes Biggie to himself when he thinks about the Super Bowl.

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