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Bernard Hopkins Reveals His Work With Meek Mill On Penal Reform

With REFORM on the brain, B Hop reveals his contribution. Bernard Hopkins is about that action.   The former middleweight juggernaut is working towards prison reform and...

Team LeBron Vs Team Giannis: 5 NBA All-Stars Who Should Come Off The Bench

There will be a lot of discussion concerning how the teams should be filled out, but here are the best.   The NBA announced the 2019...

The Warriors Shade No. 45 And Visit Obama Instead On D.C. Trip

Steph Curry and company chose to see THE President on their only trip to the Capital. It's no secret that Steve Kerr, Steph Curry and...

Nike, Kaepernick: Capitalism Can Be Used As A Weapon Against the NFL


Dualism among Americans of African descent has been a subject that has garnered much thought by academics, artists, activists and authors for the entire span of our experience in the United States. Capitalism is among those things that has garnered

Tiger Woods Isn’t One For Discussions On Race So Please Stop Reaching


Everyone knows the old saying about trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. This saying exemplifies the efforts by the media to try and engage

Celebrating Kobe Bryant’s 40th Birthday With Seven Mamba Facts


Kobe Bryant is a Mount Rushmore candidate for all-time great NBA players. Hes also one of the more diverse and

LeBron, Boogie Cousins And The NBA Have Nothing To Apologize For


There are many basketball fans that have similar feelings with my colleague Rob Parker, who is adamant that the NBA is damaged, broken and nothing more than "...

Kevin McHale’s Wife Went Full MAGA With Dumb Tweet On Child Migrants


On Wednesday, it appeared that Boston Celtics favorite Kevin McHale was spotted getting his MAGA on at a Trump ra

Is Kevin Durant Taking Subliminal Shots At LeBron?


Kevin Durant has back-to-back NBA finals MVPs and two championships to go along with the