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Blackballed QB Colin Kaepernick Refuses To Be Forgotten

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick released a workout video and posted it to Twitter and Instagram. The video begins with counter saying he has been...

MLS Soccer Player Scores, Then Implores Congress To End Gun Violence

Philadelphia Union midfielder Alejandro Bedoya scored a goal against DC United and then he grabbed a microphone on the side of the field and...

Champ Bailey, Ed Reed Address Racism And Gun Violence That Continue To Cripple America

Words and actions will always be more effective than the combination of “thoughts and prayers.” That was made very clear over the last 48 hours...

Pharrell Sends A Cease and Desist To Donald Trump

Trump decided to play “Happy” at a rally just hours after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. On October 27, a gunman attacked Tree of Life...

Black Heroism, White Privilege And The American Death Fetish


What is and is not heroic is decided after the fact. But in times of peril individuals are forced to make split-second decisions, the outcome of which is a matter of life and death. Early Sunday morning, four patrons entered a Waffle House in Nashv

The Horrendous Politicization Of Edwin Jackson’s Death


Death is permanent. 

When one passes, there is no return. Their life moves on while the living are left to wrestle with a range of emotions. Sadness, loss, emptiness, distraught anger. Death is dealt with in many different ways, from mou

Gregg Popovich: LaVar Ball’s “Just Another Fan In The Peanut Gallery”


Gregg Popovich has been vocal about his feelings on all of the hot-button topics of the past year, fro

Donald Trump Wages War With LaVar Ball, But He’s Cool With Pedophiles


Demagoguery is one of most subversive words in the English language.  Unfortunately, it is also by this method that political pimps have operated since time immortal.  

Donald Trump has used this method to rile his respective politi

Steve Kerr On America’s Gun Violence, “It’s Disgusting And A Shame.”


Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has never been shy about speaking his mind. Always thoughtfu

49ers And Law Enforcement Unions Unite To Improve Community Relations


Many have come out against the idea that sports and politics need to be separate, but they have always had an intimate relationship despite those that decry against it or outright deny it. Guess the latter missed Trump attacking sports a few weeks