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While You Were Working: 1.18.13


ESPN’s Shelley Smith interviewed a woman who claims to have heard Ronaiah Tuiasosop

Good Morning: 10.31.12





The NBA season finally got underway last night, with the

Romney Plans To Gut FEMA


As New York and the rest of the Eastern seaboard get back on their feet after taking a pounding from Superstorm Sandy, the rest of the country ought to pay

Channel Orange: It’s Cool To Be You


I have been a Frank Ocean fan since “Acura Integurl” and Nostalgia/Ultra reaffirmed my love for emo boys with dark skin tones. I can’t help it; I am a sucker for wit, R&B, and frustrated love. Ocean’s presence

‘JAY-Z: Made In America’ Portrays The Brooklyn Icon As LeBron’s Yoda

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is a popular professor at Georgetown University and author of 20 books concerning race in America and African-Americans who influenced...

Counter-Protest Controls the Narrative as Anti-Beyonce Protesters Barely Show


When Beyonce took the field at halftime of Super Bowl 50,  singing her new single "Formation" in respect to the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party it all seemed relatively innocent from my perspective.  Its not the first time a

Has August Ever Been Blacker?


For Americans of African descent involved in, and in remembrance of, individuals who have risked their lives as members of the Black resistance in America, the month of August is hallowed and sacred. Initially coined in the California prison sys