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Krauskopf’s Not Lost In The Moment Of Her NBA Promotion

The rise of women in the executive branches of men’s pro sports continues with the Indiana Pacers hiring of Kelly Krauskopf as assistant general...

It’s Yoenis Cespedes Season


Its MLB Hot Stove season, so its also time for the annual Yoenis Cespedes free agent sweepstakes. When you talk about enigmas, Cespedes fits the bill. Hes a great talent who has starred on some major stages, inspired teams to playoff success a

Robinson Cano Tosses Yankees The Deuces


Remember Jay Z’s joint "On To The Next One", when he says “I don’t get dropped, I drop the label”? Well Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports have let it be known that

Unforgettable Game, Regrettable Fame 


Those self-righteous proponents of a PED-free baseball world, slung mud and stones and pointed fingers at Alex Rodriguez, contributing to a growing perception that he was

Derek Jeter’s Return Will Only Bandage The Yankees’ Depth Problems


The fact that the New York Yankees have racked up 49 wins with a patchwork lineup, to say the most, is nothing short of remarkable. Still, it's only good enough for fourth place in the stacked AL East.

They're missing almost their e

A-Rod’s Half The Player, But Still All About The Paper


Even when Alex Rodriguez was winning MVPs and it looked like he’d be the first “clean” cat to break Hank Aaron’s homerun record, he was

While You Were Working: Serena’s Challengers Fell Back At Wimbledon


Maria Sharapova was supposed to be the main challenger to Serena Williams at Wimbledon, especially with their recent beef. But Sharapova won't get the chance to avenge her loss at Roland

Good Morning: I Think We Can All Agree, A-Rod Should Shut The &%@! Up


It has long been suspected that the New York Yankees have little respect for Alex Rodriguez, the attention he brings and the comments he tends to make -- not to mention is declining ability. A-Rod hasn't played a game this season and still mana

Old-School Yankees Mystique Is Certified Stale


Some say the Yankee dynasty died with George Steinbrenner. At one time, players would give their right arms to don Yankee pinstripes and bask in the riches of yearly playoff runs and the rock star, big-city swag society. If not their arms, big-ti

The Yankees Eat Their Own


Over the years the Yankees have built a reputation for lavishly outspending other teams for a player’s services.  It’s part of the allure —­ along with 27 championships — that makes people pinstripe stupid.