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The Gentle Giant Takes His Heart To The San Francisco 49ers


Tuesday sparked the free agency rush and the trading season and the Miami Dolphins'

Danny Granger Falls Off The Pacers Porsche, Darts Out Of The Sixers Subaru And Into The Clippers Ferrari 


It took Doc Rivers less than a season to transform the LA Clippers from the NBA’s maybe to The League’s new version of Dubai – a hot spot celebrity destination. The signings of post presence  

Michael Sam And The Attack On Heterosexuality In Pro Sports


Michael Sam had the press conference of the century on Saturday. At least that’s what most media pundits and social activists sold it as. Sam already had his bombshell moment by becoming the first future NFL pick to publicly announce he was g

The Problem With My Nigga


It would seem that the "N" word is more in the news than ever, both in society and in professional sports as well.

NFL Thought Police Will Begin Penalizing Use of N-Word


We're thirty years behind George Orwell's vision of a totalitarian state that prosecutes for thoughtcrimes and legislates language, but the political correctionism of the NFL has sailed onto the shores of vocabulary monitoring and particula

Miami O-Line Coach Jim Turner Gets Sacked By Dolphins


The Dolphins offensive line knows plenty about sacks. They gave up more than any other team in the league least season. That would have most positional coaches out of a job, If you were also responsible for ignoring an embarassing crisis that

Please Have Several Seats: The Innocent, Bullied Baby Image of Jonathan Martin


According to The New York Post, The BigLead.com unearthed more than 1,000 alleged text messages between Th

TSL Top Ten: Team Uncle Drew Takes The NBA’s Young Guns To School –...


The editorial staff at TSL took a look back at some of the biggest moments in 2013, by revisiting a few of out hardest-hitting pieces to round out the year. The San Antonio Spurs' time supposedly passed them by years ago. Instead,

TSL Top 10 Worst Sportsmen of 2013


Peyton Manning and Pope Francis are both worthy of their respective honors as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year and TIME’s Person of the Year.

Personally, I would have gone with David Ortiz over Manning because of his r