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Cam Newton and Supermodel Miranda Kerr Do Buick Super Bowl Commercial


Cam Newton had a rough year on the football field, but despite the vicious hits he took while enduring a losing season, his image and million dollar smile stayed in tact.

That tough man act he pulled this season, that almost got him decapita

Don’t Count Cam Newton Out Yet


Postpone Carolina's trip to the NFL morgue. The Panthers have a pulse.

Its a faint one, but they are alive and kicking no less. After putting the clamps on the Washington Redskins, another NFC squad with fleeting hopes of securing that final

Cam Newton Must Stop This Downward Spiral 


So Im in this NFL Pool with about 25 people from various walks of life, ethnicities and levels of supposed football knowledge. Last season I did very well, finishing second in the entire pool, just missing a shot to win the several thousand dollar

Cam Newton Says He’s Going To Play His Game


A 1-5 start for a franchise coming off a Super Bowl run will have everyone playing the second-guessing game. With losing comes an all out assault on the coaches and the offseason personnel decisions made by the front office.

When an NFL squad

The NFL Failed Cam Newton Thursday Night


The NFL and its trusted officials left Cam Newton out to dry last night and something didnt feel right to me about it. He took several blatantly dirty shots to the head, and the referees seemed to turn the other cheek on the severity and cheapness

Cam Newton is ready to shine in new Gatorade spot


The critics went at him with no mercy after Cam and his Carolina Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 this past February.

Cam, now a cultural icon, will have to get used to the haters pouncing on him this season, especially af

It’s Business As Usual For Cam Newton In 2016


In addition to being set up for failure by the media, taken to task for his candid and honest responses to issues plaguing the black community, snickered at for losing in the Super Bowl and turned into the Catch-22 of the 21st century, Cam Newton h

Cam Newton Carelessly Coy on Race in America…Again


Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is one of my favorite players to watch in the National Football League.  Strength, speed, athleticism in abundance, Cam led his team to the Super Bowl while earning league MVP honors with his stel

Cam Newton Says We’re All The Same Color Underneath


Cam Newton must be a karate man, because only a karate man bruises on the inside, and apparently on the inside we're all the same color according to Cam.

WATCH- Cam Newton got stuffed by a girl in beach volleyball


So a regular beach volleyball game got more exciting once Cam Netwon and his crew stepped on the court.

Then it happened.

On a spike attempt, the NFL MVP got stuffed by a girl, and man was she gassed up! Check it out.