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When Rules Are Stupid: Carl Crawford Fined For Honoring Jackie Robinson


Did you see Carl Crawford's cleats on Jackie Robinson day? He went with white on his left foot and blue on his right, as a

The “Jackie Robinson Day” Elephant In The Room


As African-American’s continue to disappear from MLB rosters, Jackie Robinson Day is a bittersweet moment for black baseball fans growing up in the ‘6

In The Life Of Jackie Robinson: Branch Rickey


Without Branch Rickey, the world of baseball, and sports for that matter, would be totally different.  A flamboyant, cigar-smoking, Bible-quoting, 63-year-old midwesterner whose ordinary speech often resembled a sermon, Rickey was the presid

Unitas Family Tried To Clown Joe Flacco


The Unitas family is upset over the casting of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as former Baltimore Colts Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas. The movie is entitled Unitas We Stand and in ironic fashion, the casting of Flacco has created-

Good Morning: Auburn Is Accused Of Paying Players (Again)


In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition, A

Good Morning: Johan Santana Is Done For The Season


New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana has a new tear in his pitching shoulder that is likely to cost him the season. Last year, Johan finally looked like the Johan of old after his first major shoulder surgery. Now,

While You Were Working: Tiger Woods Claims His No. 1 Spot


It's been two years since Tiger Woods was the No. 1-ranked golfer in the world. It's been almost five years since he won a PGA Tour major. Well,

Good Morning: The Dominican Republic Swept The WBC


The Dominican Republic took home the World Baseball Classic, going undefeated on their way to beating Puerto Rico 3-0 in the final.

Now We Know How Dick Cheney Kept Dubya Busy During National Security Meetings


Most former presidents tackle foreign policy, global hunger and make millions off speaking engagements. Unburdened by the weight of the oval office, George W. Bush has been a presidential phantom. However, after having his email hacked by someone