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Cover 3, Week 6: Are The Kansas City Chiefs The Best Team In The...


1. Are the Chiefs the best team in the AFC West?

JAMES CARR: Look, you can throw in whatever factors you want. I will never be caught taking Alex Smith over Peyton Manning. Point blank, period. Respect

Tom Brady Lets The Saints Know They Ain’t Ready Yet 


Tom Brady is the type of cat that makes and breaks moments on a straight-up corporate, handle business tip. Despite his three Lombardi joints, MVPs, recognition as an immortal and the media’s obsession with his women, hair length and baby-blu

Cover 3, Week 5: Are We Ready To Call The Bengal’s Defense Elite?


1. The Bengal's defense is talented no doubt, but they’re too young to be called elite. True of False?

BRANDON SCOTT: They’re old enough to be in the NFL and make Tom Brady look pedestrian o

Defense In The SEC Is M.I.A


The SEC is the TDE of college football. Eh, maybe the Roc Nation, G.O.O.D. Music or Young Money of college football — nah, I was right the first time, the TDE. The SEC is hands down the best football conference in college football.

The Dime Week 3: Things Are Getting Hectic In San Francisco


1. Trading Trent. I don’t care if the Browns won this weekend. There’s no denying that they

The Bengals Showed Their Teeth, Then Bit Down On The Green Bay Offense


The old adage, you’ve got to crawl before you ball, has never been truer than in regards to the Cincinnati Bengals. After their preseason buzz, it’s easy to forget that this is a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 22 years. We

Brown Men Throwin’: Cam Newton Paved The Way


(Editor's note: "Brown Men Throwin'" is a new weekly feature here at The Shadow League that we're running throughout the NFL season. This is by no means a feature meant to ghettoize or marginalize the black men playin

In A Wild Week 2 NFL Afternoon, Buffalo Bills’ Gem EJ Manuel Shines


The last time the Buffalo Bills scored a dramatic, last-second victory was in Week 3 of the 2011 season. I was watching the game at a Bills bar in Atlanta with a few hundred fellow ex-pat Buffalonians. When Ryan Lindell’s field goaled sailed

With Friends Like Ryan Braun’s, Who Needs MLB?


Ryan Braun may finally be ready to come clean and talk about his steroid use, but his friends