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Rihanna: The Anti-Beyonce


Of all the words carelessly scribbled across Rihanna’s oddly neutralized nude body on the cover of her new album, several stand out (and none of them are the album’s title, Unapologetic, which, let’s be honest, reeks a bit of ov

Weekend in Tweets: 11.26.12


Notre Dame is now officially in the national title game and we’ll find out if they’ll play UGA or Bama after the SEC championship game this week. The vibe at the Jets vs. Pats game was so bad that the Jets biggest fan has quit and the

Royce White and #AnxietyTroopers


Royce White has not been with the Rockets in two weeks, and it is unclear if or when NBA fans will ever see the No. 16 overall pick from this year’s draft play professional basketball. Rather than being labeled a bust, which would suggest h

Katt Williams: Pimp In Distress


Pimp down, for real.

Katt Williams – our favorite miniature perm-rocking pimp-like comedian – is becoming the joke. And considering the severity of this new round of his very public breakdown, I’m not entirely sure it&r

Any Given Saturday: Week 13


There were many eyebrows raised at the most recent edition of conference expansion in college football — this time involving

What, You Mad ‘Cause I’m Stylin’ On You?


NBA players are stepping up their off-court attire and raising their fashion IQ, either by hiring stylists or shopping at a fervent rate. When it comes to on-court fashion, players have always used their footwear to showcase their personal style

Andrew Bynum, Please Have Several Seats


I was no fan of Andrew Bynum's trade to Philly.

Philadelphia folk remember the names Jeff Ruland, Roy Hinson and Matt Geiger. Each player set the franchise back for years because they couldn't stay on the floor. Ruland

Reminiscing On Thanksgiving Day NFL


Hoods from Hollis to Hollywood equate Thanksgiving with food and football. It starts with a chomp of turkey, a slurp of cranberry and a sip of the chosen

TSL’s 5-on-5: The Grizz Starting 5, Bynum’s Hair, Etc.

(Editor's note: People askin' questions...TSL's hoops heads have answers.)
QUESTION 1: I think that Memphis is the most talented and co

Bruno Mars: A Punchable Face And Bankable Talent


With Bruno Mars’ ridiculously catchy single “Locked Out Of Heaven” continuing its current blistering run, it wasn’t so long ago when the singer-songwriter was a glaringly easy target. Armed with his saccha