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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Shouldn’t Want a Statue


If I do what my doctors tell me to do — get my blood checked regularly, take my meds and consult with my doctor and follow any additional instructions he might make — I will be able to maintain my good health and live my l

Analyzing The Street Harassment Epidemic


I regularly give my iPod loving glances. I’m weird like that. But it has single-handedly made my life more tolerable, for it allows me to ignore all sorts of annoying noise one encounters in New York City: subway rants, teen chats and, most

MLS, Dynamo On The Come Up


Twenty-two hours after losing 3-1 to the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Major League Soccer Cup Final, the Houston Dynamo arrive a

Good Morning: 12.4.12



The Dime: Week 13



Thank you, Brady Quinn: Your poise in the pocket was great and your skill really showed on those two TD passes to lead your team to victory.  Hopefully people around the world will heed your words and be that

TSL Co-Sign: Adidas X Brooklyn Nets All In Collection


When you think of adidas, it’s likely that you don’t think of luxury. Not that the three stripes isn’t classy, but you obviously think sports or Olympics first. You don’t associate adidas with being a luxury brand, per se

Best Secondary In The League? Seahawks


For ten years, Pete Carroll lorded over the Trojan dynasty amid endless scrutiny as the face of L.A.’s pseudo-pro football team.

In Seattle, the eccentric head coach has operated in relative obscurity and his defense is king.

Hector “Macho” Camacho: A Pioneer Athlete Of The Hip-Hop Generation


Back when Afrika Bambaataa converted the Black Spades – by far the largest gang in New York City in the 1970s – into the Universal Zulu Nation, hip-hop’s preeminent collective for the global promotion of our culture as a weapon

Penny Is Still A Factor In The Sneaker Game


Penny Hardaway hasn’t played in five years. He’s been long removed from the current NBA zeitgeist professionally, and may be the biggest “coulda woulda shoulda” case since

Black College Football Coaches Only Get One Shot


In many industries, investment banking for example, when an African-American is hired to a lofty, “running the show” position, it’s usually still, unfortunately, a rarity. Such is the case in FBS football, where there are only 1