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Ezekiel 15: Urban Meyer’s Revamped Philosophy Ran Elliott and the Buckeyes Through The Valley of Duckness


Put this recent surge of quarterback throwzinis aside and Ohio State has always been a leading running back manufacturer nationally. From Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Maurice Clarett, Keith Byars, Chris Wells, Dan Herron to Robert Smith. Conversel

Dak Prescott Is Hearing Tony Romo’s Footsteps


Dak Does Dallas swept the awards for greatest NFL show on earth over the first 14 weeks of the season. While the ratings soared thanks to the exceptional play of quarterback Dak Prescott  and his co-star and fellow rookie Zeke Elliot,

NFC East Has Gone From NFC Beast To NFC Least

Gather around young children and let me tell you a story about a division you know as the NFC Least. Once upon a time,...

Dallas Cowboys Continue To Disrespect Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have already shown Dak Prescott that they don’t believe in him. The fact that he isn’t under contract and Dallas is...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: Jacoby’s Lit, Lamar’s Sick and Dak Split Philly’s Wig

Andrew Luck who? It's impressive how quickly Jacoby Brissett stepped into Luck's huge shoes upon the franchise quarterback's abrupt retirement. Brissett continues to flourish...

By Not Paying Dak, The Cowboys Are Gambling With Their Future

Throughout his career, Dallas Cowboys' QB Dak Prescott seemed to be an overlooked underdog on the gridiron. At Mississippi State, Dak produced stat lines that...

What We Learned From NFL Week 4


Ezekiel Elliott is an MVP cont

5 Offseason NFC Storylines To Watch


The NFC has a lot of moving pieces, impactful newjacks, dramatic storylines and high-priced superstars on the hotseat entering the 2018-19 season. The offseason rush on free agents, player retirements and returns and the ongoing anthem saga has set

Versus: Antonio Brown vs Odell Beckham Jr. 


The New York Giants'  Odell Beckham, Jr. or the Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown? If you could only choose one of these phenomenal wide receivers to headline your pass-catching corps, who would it be?

We recently brought t

To The Super Bowl or Not to The Super Bowl?


Do you like the Dallas Cowboys?

Do you love them, loathe them or absolutely hate them?

Well, in the immortal words of The Rock, 'It doesn't matter!' Why? Because the Dallas Cowboys are balling like it's 1993.

After decades