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Is Incarcerated Chris Brown’s Career Circling the Drain?


Chris Brown may have moves like Michael Jackson, but he’s following the blueprint of Bobby Brown.

Breezy's name used to hold so much promise. Remember back in 2005 when the then squeaky

Dear R. Kelly


Dear R. Kelly,

The measure of a true musician can be found in both the quality of his art, and how successful that artistry is translated into dollars as well. It is by this same measurement that we find you as one of the most enduring

Pour Out A Lil’ Liquor For The NFL’s “Diva” Receiver Era


Six years ago, the Bengals opened up their season at Paul Brown Stadium against the Ravens. It was also Monday Night Football, so the sports world was watching. Chad Johnson was just coming off of two back-to-back first team All-Pro seasons. He was

Good Morning: Jake Peavy Heads to Boston


The Boston Red Sox bolstered their rotation, adding former Cy Young winner Jake Peavy fo

Please JAM: MJ vs. Prince, Rick James, ’80s Hip-Hop And R&B


(Editor’s note: In honor of Black Music Month, we devoted last week’s “Please JAM” to black

Please JAM: Whachu Know About James Brown, EWF, Satchmo and Stevie?


(Editor's note: In honor of Black Music Month, we are flipping the script for the next few weeks with Please JAM. For this week and next, instead of James sending Vince newly released singles to react to, Vince is digging in

In The Spirit Of Improv, Miguel Shut It Down On SNL


I owe Miguel a truckload of apologies. A couple of years ago, I used to refer to him as a fembot. It was mostly because, in his video for “Sure Thing” (a song of which I was a g

Peace, 2012. It’s Been Real.


Though 2012 can go ahead and fall through a trap door already, the year has been great for pop culture. Here were some highlights. Feel free to sing-a-long.

Fried Chicken’s Best Jingle Ever