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With So Many Pressing Issues, Donald Trump Tweets About ESPN?


Maybe the United States has gotten so diverse with cultures and ethnicities, and our foreign brothers and sisters coming to make new lives here, that we all forgot some of the basic, fundamental principles and philosophies we live by as Americans.

The Women’s U.S. Open At Trump National? That Just Doesn’t Sound Right


Its Womens U.S. Open week, and I so badly want to enjoy just watching the women play golf and to not have to think about President Donald Trump. But thats impossible, because every time they go back to play after a commercial break, the announcers

The Sports World Is Not Feeling Trump’s Immigration Ban


Sports has always been a galvanizing force that brings all types of people together to rally around a common cause. Think of the fervor and excitement of how countries unify around their shared interests during the Olympics or the World Cup, or how

Pat Tillman’s Widow Disses Trump Immigration Ban


Looks as if Donald Trump is already offending deceased war heroes, highly respected NFL icons and their families.

Almost every football fan knows or should know the patriotic story of former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman. In May 2002,

LeBron James Is More Than SI’s Sportsperson Of The Year


LeBron James is not one to wade easily into controversy. James has not been the most vocal supporter of mainstream social justice movements. Not only has he been criticized for what he doesnt say, but also for what he does say.

In Septemb

Fines Won’t Stop Titans DT Jurrell Casey From Protesting Next Season


CNN is reporting that Tennessee Titans star DT Jurrell Casey will protest during the national anthem during the upcoming NFL season

NFL Teams Continue To Prove Blackballing Kaepernick Supersedes Winning


We are now entering week 10 of the NFL season and the lines on the field have been drawn.

I'm not talking about line which distinguish the good teams from the bad. I'm referring to the line which separates reality from falsehood, a line which

Black NBA Players Don’t Have To Save The World

Don’t ask any of the black players in the NBA to clean up the league’s mess with China. Despite having talents that seem superhuman at...

Minor League Baseball Team Apologizes For AOC Video Slip

AOC is so good that she continues to have people shook. When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first appeared on the scene, many thought she was unqualified and...

Antonio Brown: NFL Pros, Self Value, And Lessons Learned From NBA Stars

Times are changing and ownership will have to revamp the old school way that they managed players of the past. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ tumultuous relationship...