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So Who Really Disrespected The Military Kap Or Trump?

Donald Trump has been outspoken and brash in the past but now his behavior has come home to roost. While attempting to coerce the country...

The Sports World Stops But Dana White Stumps For Trump?

Tonight, Dana White will deliver a speech in Washington, D.C. at the RNC for his friend, Donald Trump. It will be a continuation of...
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Time to Ask the Question: Does Trump Want to Steal the Election?

Thursday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted something controversial. On its face that is a normal occurrence for the Tweeter in Chief, but the question...

Secretary of Defense Tells Trump: Pump Brakes On Insurrection

In a huge break with President Donald Trump, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Wednesday that he does not support using active duty troops...

Trump Is Looking More Like A Dictator By The Day

President Donald Trump finally had his uber despotic moment yesterday. In front of the whole world, Trump embraced the authoritarian image that he normally can...

Minny’s Black Leaders Gather, Growing Protests, Trump Tweets, Chauvin Charged

A gathering of Black leaders and social justice warriors and friends of George Floyd gathered in Minneapolis to vent their frustrations, speak to the...

Trump And Bloomberg Use Black Women’s Pain For Political Gain During Super Bowl

Red or Blue. Democrat or Republican. It didn’t matter Sunday night. Because in the end, both sides were guilty of using Black women’s pain as...

It’s Time For Twitter To Suspend Donald Trump’s Account

Two hundred and seventy-nine characters are all it took for the President of the United States to send many into a state of concern...

See What Cardi B Had To Say About President Trump’s Airstrikes

Donald Trump’s decision to bomb Iran and kill general Qasem Soleimani has social media's emotional meter at 1000. Some are up in arms and...

Trump Has Become The President That Sports Has Decided To Hate

Donald Trump is not the first white man to occupy the White House who isn’t a fan favorite. But he is the first one that...