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Screen Time: Director Spike Lee


Director Spike Lee is considered by some to be a genius, while others consider him to be something of a demagogue. However, they all can agree on the fact that the specs-wearing Brooklynite is not

Spike Lee Celebrates Do the Right Thing’s 25th Anniversary


In honor of the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, BAMCinefest hosted a special screening of the film at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater this weekend. Lee app

Spike Lee Does the Right Block Party Thing in Brooklyn


Spike Lee did the right thing in Brooklyn by throwing a block party Saturday. Smack dab in the hood, on the Bed-Stuy block where his classic Do the Right Thing filmed 25 years ago, right at t

Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus


Sunday’s much anticipated closing film of the American Black Film Festival, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, premiered at New York’s SVA Theater to a packed house. Many in attendance wondered two things:

Introducing Spike Lee’s Protégé: Randy Wilkins


The importance of mentorship within the film world for African Americans looking for success working in cinema production cannot be overstated.  Getting the job is one thing. Thriving is completely diff

Spike Lee and Showtime to Reboot She’s Gotta Have It


She’s Gotta Have It was the 1986 feature film that helped turned writer-director Spike Lee into a household name. But there are generations of moviegoers who have never seen that film and are not aware o

Spike Lee Weighs in on Donald Sterling


As the heat continues to be placed upon the feet of Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling and his racist filth, we knew Brooklyn’s beloved director Spike Lee was going to weigh in so

Spike Lee and Eminem Make “Headlights.”


This weekend, Eminem and Spike Lee revealed plans to work together on a new music video. Dropping the news on twitter and Instagram, Eminem tweeted, “Spike came out to The D for the 'Headlights' video...

Spike Lee Speaks Out on Gentrification


Some people don’t get Spike Lee. And he probably cares very little about that. In this modern age of political correctness and digital divide, folks tend to get all up in their feelings when peo

Spike Lee Announces School Daze Sequel


Last year's 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s 1988 college flick School Daze, left fans of the classic wondering if there would be any celebration with a sequel or reboot. School D