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Russell Wilson Calls Out Critics of 2012 Seahawks Draft Class


On Wednesday, Russell Wilson sent out a tweet including a photo which ridiculed members of the media who gave failing grades back in 2012 to the Seahawks front office for their draft day decisions. As you can tell, Wilson and the Seahawks had the l

Russell Wilson Gives It Up For The Shorties


Lil’ man gets the short end of the stick in life and football too. In the NFL, short quarterbacks are as rare as takin’ shorts in the hood. The list

Russell Wilson Is Still Living MLK’s Dream


When Dr. King was marching on Washington and getting arrested for peaceful protests, sit-ins and non-violent demonstrations, he wasn’t doing it to get his own reality show or be the rave of social medi

Russell Wilson Stars In MNF’s The Hobbit: Desolation of New Orleans


Drew Brees and Russell Wilson don’t look much alike outside an NFL uniform, but in between the thick white chalky lines of NFL gridirons they are almost identical. Off the field they are regular sized individuals with down to earth personalit

Good Morning: Russell Wilson Is Must-See TV


Russell Wilson dominated the Arizona Cardinals with tremendous poise and ridiculous playmaking. He lost to the Cards in his debut last year, but made sure this game wasn't in doubt with several long drives that resulted in touchdowns. Wilson ma

Russell Wilson Has The 2013 NFL MVP On Ice


With all due props to Peyton Manning’s masterful display of QB execution, Russell Wilson is the frontrunner for 2013 NFL MVP.

There’s no need to wait for season’s en

Russell Wilson And Colin Kaepernick Wagered Their Eyebrows On Sunday’s Matchup


An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. An eyebrow for an eyebrow means Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson will look completely ridiculous after Sunday. In a recent Madden 25 commercial which aired Tuesday, the NFC West rivals are

Russell Wilson sees “Huge Difference” In Beginning Camp As Starter


There is absolutely no question on who is the starting quarterback in Seattle this year. That title belongs to Russell Wilson, as he solidified his spot after exceeding expectations last season and leading his team into the playoffs. Wilson&nb

VIDEO: Russell Wilson Dominating Fools Back in High School


Russell Wilson took the league by storm last year and out-dueled fellow rookie sensation, RG3, in the playoffs. Needless to say, expectations are high, as they are for Griffin and Andrew Luck.&nbs

Pete Carroll Basically Says Russell Wilson Is Leaving Dudes In His Dust


Pete Carroll is an emotive dude. Viewed within the context of pro football coaches – where stoicism (Bill Belicheck), cool (Mike Tomlin) and fire (Jim Harbaugh) rule – you could describe him as giddy. He’s like the Jimmy Fallon of