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Half Of The Highest-Paid Athletes Of The Decade Are Black

Basketball, golf, and boxing wound up being the most profitable sports for black athletes over the last decade, as Forbes recently announced the top...

McGregor Still Telling Floyd How He Really Feels: “Fck ‘Em”


Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather told TMZ Sports during a walk-and-talk interview that he wanted Conor McGregor (21-3) to train at his Las

Forbes’ 2018 Highest Paid Athletes List Proves Gender Equality Is MIA


Sports is a game of big time athletes and big time money, with kabillions of dollars being ingested by the sports community each year, with costs rising each year to watch and participate.

Need proof? Try to buy tickets to a game, complete wi

Black History Month In Focus: Muhammad Ali


This is part of The Shadow League's yearly Black History Month In Focus series celebrating Black excelle

Randy Moss Is Gearing Up For His Impending Hall Of Fame Induction


Only one wide receiver in NFL history has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. 

Even if your knowledge of the game is on par with league commissioner Roger Goodell, who recently claimed that

NFL Denies Police Union’s Request To Investigate Michael Bennett


We've seen the video of Michael Bennett being held on the ground by police officers in Las Vegas after the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, who detained the Seahawks star in response to claims of shots being fired at the venue he was watching the figh

The Williams Sisters Are The Greatest American Sports Story Ever


I'm not sure if the majority of people understand what we just witnessed this morning.  Yes, Serena Williams has solidified herself as the greatest women's tennis player ever. She is also undoubtedly the most dominant athlete period that the m

Serena Williams’ Place Amongst The GOATs


How do you define greatness? Is it based on what people tell you or do you know it when you see it?

Is it in a single event or play? Is it performed by an individual?

Tom Brady orchestrating a game winning drive. Steph Curry with the

Any Given Saturday, Week 10: Return of the Kingsbury


Texas Tech has always been an outpost for idiosyncratic personalities and even more eccentric offenses. Spike Dykes beget Mike Leach, who beget Tommy Tuberville, who felt marginalized as the invader who replaced a beloved coach and interrupted a pr

Good Morning: The 400-Yard Passing Game Doesn’t Mean Jack


The 400-yard passing game is no longer special. On Sunday, Mike Vick, Phillip Rivers and Aaron Rogers made NFL history by each throwing for 400 yards without an interception, the 1234Page 3 of 4