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While You Were Working: Roger Goodell Snapped At Concussion Settlement Naysayers 


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defended the $765 million concussion settlement between the league and retired players wi

Roger Goodell’s Role In The Appeals Process Is Last Obstacle In NFL HGH Deal


The NFL and the NFL Player’s Association are very close to finalizing a deal which will allow the league to test players for human growth hormone.  The only dilemma in the deal is the role Commissioner Roger Goodell will have in the

The Eagles Fined Riley Cooper So Roger Goodell Won’t Have To


The NFL will not suspend Riley Cooper for using the n-word beyond what the Eagles have already done, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on ESPN's Mike and Mike program. 

Goodell called Cooper's comments "obviously wr

Roger Goodell Could Get Cool Points For Letting The 18-Game Schedule Idea Go


Roger Goodell's reputation is basically already set. Between the labor negotiations from two years ago and the way the Saints bounty scandal was handled, this NFL commissioner is never really going to have the full trust of the players.&nb

Roger Goodell Is Raising The NFL’s Standards Higher Than The NSA’s


Sometimes it appears Roger Goodell and NCAA prez Mark Emmert are in a back-and-forth marathon race to prove which organizational head can become the most universally disliked. A

Roger Goodell’s Iron Fist Is Turning Into Silly Putty


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking L after L these days. Just years after establishing his reputation as an iron fist commissioner, shrewd businessman and strong instrument of change, the legend of Goodell’s ultimate authority has bee

Dan Snyder Case Closed For NFL Commissioner Goodell | The League Just Wants This...

Wondering what the punishment was for the Washington Football Team after the rampant allegations of workplace misconduct? The reality is the world will probably never...

Louisiana Judge Orders Goodell, Refs To Be Deposed Over Worst Missed Call Ever

Last January in the NFC title game, the New Orleans Saints were marching down the field in what appeared to be the game-winning drive...

Goodell’s Hot Take On Kaepernick Is Not Only Flawed But Embarrassing

Between canceling SB 53 pressers and Goodell's refusal to acknowledge Kaepernick's blackballing, the NFL continues to provide examples that it's still money over everything.  On...

Goodell defends Deflategate appeal       


And the Saga continues...

On September 3rd, The NFL announced that they would appeal Judge Richard Berman's decision to over turn Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

Fast forward nearly eight weeks later,and 1234...30Page 3 of 30