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Director Jason Hehir Talks The Blueprint Behind “The Last Dance”

 “The Last Dance” has thus far proven to be as epic a documentary as we had hoped. The non-linear, deeply intimate and expansive docuseries...

Classic Colored Cinema: Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues


I hate to be the one to say it, but it feels like only ’80s babies and older truly appreciate what Spike Lee brought to the game; and I’m not talking about the game of basketball (’90s Knicks fans hate him for that; just

Sadly, USA Basketball Has Become An Afterthought

Our FIBA World Cup Team will have zero star power. USA Basketball is starting to look a lot like it did during the early 2000s....

Expect Kemba Walker’s MSG Visits To Be Torture For Knicks Fans

New York fans were good with Kemba Walker playing in Charlotte, but now that the dynamic guard is wearing Celtics green, Knicks fans are...

Kyrie Irving Set To Star In Horror Film About Haunted Oklahoma City Hotel

Kyrie’s IMDB profile is growing. According to Variety, Celtics star, Kyrie Irving will star in and executive produce a horror movie about the haunted Skirvin...

The Writing Was On The Wall For Candace Parker’s Move To Broadcast

After a decade of WNBA dominance, Parker's preparing for life after basketball. Candace Parker was selected as the No. 1 overall pick in the...

Where Does Uncle Drew Rank Among The Greatest Fictional Ballers?


We first began hearing about the legend of Uncle Drew six years ago. 

Charles Barkley: “I’d Rather Have No Rings Than Join A Super Team”


Super teams have officially become the foundation of the modern NBA. 

We've seen it in 2007 with the Boston Celtics trio Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, in 2010 with the Heat's Big Three LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

Charles Stone III: Capturing Black Humanity On Film For 20 Years


If you were alive in 1999 and possessed a television set, you undoubtedly saw those Budweiser commercials directed by Charles Stone III.  Who can forget those "Whaaaz

Props To Lil’ Rel For Championing The Black Press


Credentialed black press members have long lamented how publicists and big-time movie stars alike treat them like proverbial stepchildren at junkets and red carpets.  Many of us suffered in silence because, despite seniority or acumen, we knew