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Copwatch Envisions A World Without Brutality


25 years ago today on April 29th, 1992, years of police brutality erupted into an all out insurrection in Los Angeles.

Two years ago, on April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray was killed in police custody.  The specter of police brutality against

The “War on Police” Is a Lie!


 Today, The Shadow League bears witness to calling out a most unfortunate phenomenon that we predicted would explode back on December 2014 when New York Police Department police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were murdered in their p

The Hate U Give Cast Talks Black Storytelling, Code-Switching


Angie Thomas debut novel The Hate U Give was released when America needed it most. The book, which touches on racism and police brutality as seen through the lens of a present-day

Colin Kaepernick Given Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award


As the NFL and its enablers continue to deny Colin Kaepernick employment due to his career-sacrificing stance on police brutality and institutional racism, society-at-large keeps affirming that his actions are truly in-line with the values that we

Gary Bettman Tells Black People When They’re Allowed To Protest


When recently asked about NHL players showing solidarity with NFL athletes who protest police brutality and societal inequity, Commissioner Gary Bettman said, "I don't think people come to games for that." 

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NBA Superstars Drop Ball On Protesting Racial Injustice


Opening night of the NBA season went off without a political hitch. Nobody took a knee and all of the players respected the anthem as the latest narrative surrounding player protests against oppression and police brutality would have it. 


Over 200 NFL Players Resist Trump By Protesting On Sunday


Who would have thought that NFL athletes would be so antagonized by the President of the United States that over 200 would decide to join the protest against police brutality and oppression that was started by Colin Kaepernick last season?  

Sheriff David A. Clarke: When Is It Okay To Call A Spade A Spade?


 Recently, real life super minion and former Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke took to Twitter to express his views on Colin Kaepernick, calling him an opportunist for stepping out and risking his livelihood to bring light to police brutality

Truth And Perception In The Age Of Colin Kaepernick


When Colin Kaepernick first made the brave, unprecedented decision to protest against police brutality and institutional racism du

Inspired By Kaepernick, Malcolm Jenkins Continues Pre-Game Protest


Right about now there are over 130,000 people poised to boycott the National Football League due to alleged blackballing being visited upon Colin Kaepernick for his protest against police brutality and oppression last season. 

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