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Kris Bowers: The Jazzy Soul of Netflix’s “Dear White People”


Kris Bowers.  Have you heard of him? 

Well, even if you dont know that name from a rusty nail, youve likely heard one of his compositions.  If the sounds that he scored to underpin the ups and downs of the controversial Netflix

The Good Things About Netflix’s Iron Fist


There are a plethora think pieces popping off right now that are ripping Netflix Iron Fist to shreds, for everything from the casting choice to cinematography and everything in between. And I must admit that I was totally wrong about a great deal

Dave Chappelle Blasts Off With His Netflix Specials


My sister taught comedian Dave Chappelle one year when he was a high school student at Washington D.C's Duke Ellington School for the Arts. When she asked about performing some of his stand-up for the class, a teenage Chappelle demurred. He didn't

Two Dave Chappelle Specials Airing This Month On Netflix


Netflix revealed today that the premiere date for the first two of its Dave Chappelle comedy specials will be on Tuesday, March 21st.

Netflix’s Hip Hop Evolution Is Required Viewing


Netflix has quickly become a hotbed for Hip-Hop documentaries and series. From Marvel Studios Luke Cage comic book offering to the coming-of-age tale,

Dave Chappelle Joins Chris Rock At Netflix


Proving that Black actors should stick together, today it was announced that Dave Chappelle, fresh off of the heels of

These Are The Five Stories We Want For Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’


Still hyped from all the news pegged to Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the fallout from Captain America: Civil War?

We sure are!

With Marvels cinematic and television properties in full swing, the antic

House of Cards Returns to Netflix in February


The Netflix award-winning series House of Cards is slated to return for a second season on February 14, available across all Netflix platforms. The series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, each of whom received Emmy nominations for

LeBron James’ “House Party” Reboot Shelved By HBO Max Amidst Discovery+ Merger Rumors

According to several reports, HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single streaming service owned by Warner Brothers. This shift in streaming strategy...

Derek Jeter Explains How Crazy The One-Night Stand “Gift Basket” Myth Has Made His...

Former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is a legend for more than just a game. The five-time World Series champion was known to...