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Five MLB Black Panthers To Watch In 2018


Giancarlo Stanton and

MLB Black Panthers On The Creep In 2018


Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman was carrying the torch for black pitching excellence before inflammation

MLB Opening Day: Baseball Is Always Better When The Yankees Matter


Baseball season opens today.

For the first time in 40 years, every single team will play on Opening Day. It s

Aaron Judge Is Topps Dawg In 2018 Baseball Series


As the 2018 MLB season creeps upon us, Aaron Judge was voted to be Card No. 1 in the 2018

Major League Baseball Is The Biggest Winner With Star Movement


Fans in The Bronx were cheering. Same goes for those in Anaheim.

But the loudest cheers from this past weekend had to be coming from the MLB offices on Park Avenue in NYC.

Clearly, baseball was the winner.

Sure, the New York Yanke

MLB’s Black Knights Discuss The Changing Face Of Pro Baseball


Miami -- There are seven African-American players participating in this years MLB All-Star Game.  While black players comprised just 7.73% of opening day rosters, African-American diamond miners comprise 10.9375 % of the All-

Aaron Judge Is the Yankees New Golden Boy


Baseball is a skills-based sport and anyone of any size can become good at hitting if they have certain talents, work ethic and hand speed. In baseball, size doesnt have anything to do with how well you can hit a baseball. Just ask Houstons 5-foot-

Mighty Mookie Finally Struck Out 


Mookie Betts is not leaving the MVP voting in the hands of the baseball writers this season. The Boston Red Sox outfielder basi

TSL’s 2017 MLB MVP Candidates 


Choosing an MVP depends on many things, but in baseball the potential candidates are usually decided before the season even begins. Any of the players on this list have in some way been associated with the MVP voting in the past.

Some are ri