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The Ravens Are Already Using Their Version Of Mike Vick The Wrong Way


Remember when former NFL executive Bill Polian suggested that LaMar Jackson was better

VIDEO: TSL Talks American Flag Football With Vick, OchoCinco, And More


While the NFL by proxy is Americas favorite league, the opportunities for pro athletes who still have an itch to compete at a high level with the pigskin, the options are scarce. 

The American Flag Football league wants to fix that. 

Vick, Kaepernick: The Battle Between Cultural Expression, Mainstream Acceptance


It never fails. Whenever there's a Black public figure in the news for speaking against the status quo, there will inevitably come a time in which a similar public figure will be wheeled out to speak on it. Though this scenario has taken place in j

Big Ben’s Injury Means One Last Slam Dance For Mike Vick 


It wasnt supposed to happen so quickly for Mike Vick.

Playing behind one of the NFLs all-time durable and tougher than leather QBs in Ben Roethlisberger was supposed to be an easy job. Part of his retirement package and further proof of h

Vick Has Nearly Escaped Rush of Creditors


Mike Vick's redemption story is nearly complete. On the field, he may not be an MVP candidate or even a starter, but he's established himself as a solid citizen in the community as well as a locker room pillar on the job.


Petition Seeks To Keep Vick Away From Jets Training Camp Site


Michael Vick's an example of a rare athlete. After being sentenced to 14 months in federal prison, the quarterback has emerged as a solid citizen and a role model. However, with celebrity comes scrutiny and five years later, outrunnin

Could Mike Vick and Adrian Peterson Be Viking Destroyers?


After 5 Seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick is expected to return to the free agent market next week. Nick Foles had a tremendous season and it will never be known what kind of year Vick would have had,

Mike Vick, Ahead Of His Time


Since Michael Vick was the No. 1 pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, he has been one of the NFL’s most tantalizing “what ifs.” He was undersized yet exceedingly talented, in possession of as many gifts as any quarterback ever. He was one

Marcus Vick Puts Bounty Out On Riley Cooper’s Head


Michael Vick has made many mistakes in his life, but it seems like the person he apologizes most for these days is his brother, Marcus. After the Philadelphia Eagles' Riley Cooper in on apologized for going all "Paula Dean" on video a

Mike Vick Awarded The Key To Atlantic City


Michael Vick's turnaround is nearly complete from inmate No. 33765-183 to role model is in full stride. Since his release from federal prison on federal dogfighting charges, Vick hasn't even sneezed in the wrong direction.