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SNL’s Black Out Has Kenan Thompson Spazzing Out


Kenan Thompson, one of the rare black comedians to grace the Saturday Night Live (SNL) set, says his days of

Good Morning: Ryan Braun Pulled a Lance Armstrong


Ryan Braun had the gall to issue a statement admitting what everyone knew all along. At least Lance conf

Black In America: The Devaluing of Trayvon Martin’s Life


The bizarre “not guilty” verdict the jury of six women in Sanford, Florida blessed child-murderer George Zimmerman with, leads to more questions and uncertainty about the worth of a young, black life in America.

Was the value of

Jay-Z and Magna Carta… Holy Grail: We Can’t Feel It If It Has No Feeling


To much fanfare, Jay-Z released an uninteresting album.

Before the comments turn into a war zone, let’s be clear: Magna Carta... Holy Grail, Jay’s 12th solo LP and the greatest cell phone promotion ever, is very good. T

While You Were Working: The NBA Coaching Exodus Began


Doug Collins is officially done as the 76ers coach. 


Byron Scott was

Good Morning: Blake Griffin Abused The Rim And The Bobcats


Led by Blake Griffin's 24 points, the Clippers destroyed the Bobcats, 106-84.

Roger Goodell’s Iron Fist Is Turning Into Silly Putty


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking L after L these days. Just years after establishing his reputation as an iron fist commissioner, shrewd businessman and strong instrument of change, the legend of Goodell’s ultimate authority has bee

Never Compare Sandy To Katrina


New York State Governor is a competent politician who during his first term has deftly handled the ups and downs of budget balancing and bi-partisan bickering. He’s also gotten point for the way he handled Hurricane Sandy and for showing le

Good Morning: 9.28.12



Morning, ya’ll. Did you knw the NFL refs returned to a standing ovation, MJ and Scottie put on a performance? Have some links with your cereal.

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