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The Lakers Want The Media To Stay Away From LaVar Ball


The Lakers are going to enforce the "LaVar Ball Rule," according to ESPN's Chris Hayn

LaVar Ball Ensures That Lonzo’s An NBA Attraction Every Night


LaVar Ball is still pouring it on thick, pumping his chest out and speaking with confidence when referencing his son Lonzo, who has had an up and down roller coaster ride during first 20 NBA games. Despite the premature assessment that he's a bust,

Donald Trump Wages War With LaVar Ball, But He’s Cool With Pedophiles


Demagoguery is one of most subversive words in the English language.  Unfortunately, it is also by this method that political pimps have operated since time immortal.  

Donald Trump has used this method to rile his respective politi

LaVar Ball: “Lakers Don’t Know How To Coach My Son”


It didnt take LaVar Ball long to regroup after son LiAngelo returned home from being detained in China on shoplifting charges.After a couple of days of silence, LaVar's verbal joust with Donald Trump, highlighted by a CNN appearance, raised his pro

LeVar Burton Targeted With Twitter Hate Meant For LaVar Ball


We don't know what's worse. Racist tweets targeting people of color or racist tweets that incorrectly target the wrong people of color. Turns out that latter has been happening for a little while, but most weren't aware of it outside of LeVar Burto

LaVar Ball Shades Trump’s Help With UCLA Players In China With “Who?”


You can call LaVar Ball many things, and some of the them will be right. But what you can't say is that he backs down or bites his tongue for anyone, and that includes Trump.

A week after his son, LiAngelo, and two other UCLA freshmen were ar

SNL Spoofs LaVar Ball And Nails It Again


SNL has been on fire with their depictions of popular figures, the biggest being Trump. 

Kenan Thompson has done some of the best impersonations on the show, from Steve Harvey and Al Sharpton to David "Big Papi" Ortiz and his latest, LaV

Scott Brooks Wishes He Had A Dad Like LaVar Ball


The Washington Wizards are ready to make Lonzo Ball eat his fathers words, but head coach Scott Brooks has some compassion for the situation and respects LaVar being a present father, despite the ruffling of feathers that he has made a fortune off

LaVar Ball Continues To Make Lonzo An NBA Target


The Lonzo Ball NBA initiation tour stops back in Staples Center tonight for a matchup against All-Star John Wall who is already salivating about the encounter and can't wait to embarrass the rookie in the name of his big mouth Daddy, Lavar. 

Michael Wilbon: Covering LaVar Ball is “Editorial Malpractice”


The sports world cant get enough of LaVar Ball. The ESPN talking heads have based their current careers on talking about, promoting and befriending the brash talking, marketing maniac who taught the world how to get rich by being smart, obnoxious,