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Kyrie Irving Wins In Cleveland’s House Cleaning Sweepstakes


The Cavaliers were sinking deeper into the abyss by the day. LeBron James

Video of King James’ Sideline Rant Liked By Kyrie Irving On Twitter


Kyrie Irving didnt say much with his mouth when

Kyrie Irving Funds His High School’s Renovations


New Jersey native Kyrie Irving has been a star for many years now, but this weekend his star was blindingly brighter for his work off of the hardwood.

The All-Star, multi-millionaire point guard for the Boston Celtics decided to open up his w

Kyrie Irving Is Spreading His Wings In Boston


We are seeing the greatness of Kyrie Irving and the birth of an all-time great at the same time that we are seeing a slight chink in the LeBron James empire that has spanned the last seven finals. Irving is answering all of the questions in his fir

Kyrie Irving Speaks On Why He Left Cleveland


Fans of the NBA, most media pundits, celebrity groupies and willing idol worshippers share in a universal belief that LeBron James is perfect. They treat him with a reverence and gets the majority credit for his teams success. 

Cavs Tried To Trade Kyrie Irving For Klay Thompson


People are describing the Kyrie Irving to Boston trade as shocking. But it was indicative of how desp

Kyrie Irving Is Now A Boston Celtic


In a move that has people shaking their heads and stomping their feet, Kyrie Irving has been traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Brooklyns 2018 first round draft pick.  


Will The Kyrie Irving – LeBron James Beef Cause The Cavs To Implode?


Just when the NBA post season couldn't get any crazier, the Cavs got into the mix, not by signing a big name free agent but by giving fans heartache and images of the team imploding only a month after losing to the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Kyrie Irving Is His Own Man


Don't get it twisted. Kyrie Irving is not the villain in this story.

Sure, some think Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers' All-Star guard, is crazy to demand a trade away from a championship caliber team.

Others have ridiculed him for not w

You Mad That Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Want To Ball With King James?


The NBA world is butt hurt because Kyrie Irving said he wants out of Cleveland. Lebron Stans are befuddled by Irvings desire to part ways with the NBAs biggest brand name. Once Kyrie announced his desires, of course, he was going to be the subject