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Kawhi Leonard Scorches Out The Gate Of The NBA’s New Season


Over the summer, the NBA talk centered around the usual suspects: LeBron James, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. The San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard was hardly mentioned on anyone's list of would-be MVP candidates.

The 2014 NBA Finals MVP and 2

Kawhi Leonard is San Antonio’s Superstar of the Future


There are a plethora of sub-plots and games within the game that have already delivered a compelling and dramatic opening two games of the 2014 NBA Finals thus far.

After Game 1, members of the Peanut Gallery rejoiced with their concept of

Kawhi Leonard Is The LeBron Stopper


Everyone faults LeBron James for choosing to be more Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan in these NBA Finals aga

Kawhi’s Gone, But Raptors Are Still Legit Going For Back-To-Back Chips

Kawhi Leonard's arrival, LeBron James’ switch to the Western Conference and the end of the Golden State Dynasty, all played a part in the Raptors...

Rise of Kawhi, Fall of LeBron In Motion On NBA Opening Night

The highly-anticipated 2019-20 NBA season blasted off on Tuesday night and the battle for Los Angeles is already at a playoff pitch. The Lakers'...

Kawhi Effect: Clippers Favored To Take Over Tinseltown

The free-agent NBA summer frenzy that has been likened to The Game of Thrones has led us to this moment. The start of the 2019-2020...

Kawhi’s Uncle Gives No Clues To Impending NBA Free Agency Plans

While the fans might get frustrated by the lack of answers, the NBA is loving the attention. This summer’s NBA free agency is going to...

Leonard’s Breaking The LeThanos Curse With Historic Playoff Run

Kawhi has erased the demons of The North's playoff past and changed the culture of the franchise. Kawhi Leonard had 41 points and hit...

Ben Simmons Is Built For Role Of Kawhi-Stopper

When Simmons guards Leonard in this series, Kawhi is 0-for-9 from trey way and turned the ball over twice. Ben Simmons catches a lot of...

Kawhi Trade And Building Bron’s LA Roster Rule NBA Free Agency Talk


Today is the day that the NBAs summer free agent frenzy kicks into turbo mode. NBA squads couldn't officially sign unrestricted free agents until July 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET, when the July moratorium ends. Teams can begin to sign, extend or trade playe